Types of Sozos available:

Regular Sozo

Sozo tools get to the root of things that may hinder your personal connection with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. These 90 to 120-minute sessions are aimed to help you hear what God is saying as you walk through any barriers and release lies that may hold you back from a life of health, joy, and freedom. Sozo has a high standard for confidentiality.
Donations Appreciated

Child Sozo

These 45 to 90-minute sessions adapt the vocabulary and imagery of the Adult Sozo tools in order to easily minister to children. In the best interest of the child, we require that at least one, but preferably both parents, have a Regular Sozo prior to any of their minor children. Team leaders all meet SafePlace requirements and have been approved to work with minors.
Donations Appreciated

Financial Sozo

These specialized sessions focus on breaking unhealthy financial cycles and beliefs related to money. Sessions take 90 to 120 minutes, and can be done as a couple. Sessions are aimed to help you hear what God is saying and develop a Personalized Action Plan to move forward. A Regular Sozo is required first.
$150 per session
(discount available for Biblical Finance: Groundwork Course Participants)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sozo Counselling?

Sozo is not counselling and at no point will counselling be performed during a session. The goal of Sozo ministers is to help fellow Christians overcome obstacles and road blocks that have become a hinderance to living life to the fullest.

What is the most significant aspect of Sozo ministry?

Forgiveness is vital element in Sozo ministry. True freedom can only come through the avenue of forgiveness. Every Christian should cultivate a lifestyle of forgiveness and Sozo helps give you the tools to be quick to forgive others and yourself.

Can one Sozo session heal a lie that has been believed for many years?

Yes it can. Once the Holy Spirit brings healing to the first time the lie was settled into your spirit, any future lie experiences will realign to The truth.

Is it difficult for a person to hold onto their freedom?

After receiving freedom, individuals will learn healthy tools they can use to maintain their freedom through difficult times. Individuals are given post-prayer instructions after each session. Keeping connected to a local church, spending time with God, and reading His word are an important continuation in the walk of freedom. A subsequent Sozo session may be necessary as a “wellness check”, especially in difficult seasons. Pursuing ongoing Pastoral counselling may also prove helpful.

Why Sozo Ministry?

Sozo prayer deals with issues hindering our personal connection with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. With a healed connection, we can more easily walk in the destiny to which we have been called.

Sozo prayer is simple, fast, Spirit-­led and effective. It removes the clutter, so we are able to have clear perspective in our day to day lives.

The Sozo Prayer Ministry Team believes EVERY person can hear God’s voice and the most life‐changing moments are when He speaks to our hearts.

Who should consider having a Sozo?

People who feel they are not growing in their relationship with God.

People who do not seem to be hearing Him.

People who desire greater freedom.

People who desire greater intimacy with the Lord.

Sozo is for everyone!

Who will be praying with me?

Two Sozo team members will pray with you privately in an office at the designated location (usually a church office). Normally, men pray with men and women with women.

How long is a Sozo Ministry session?

A Sozo session usually lasts 2 - 2.5 hours.

Will I have to share things I don't want to?

Absolutely not. Your Sozo prayer time is completely Holy Spirit led. Our Lord is gentle and kind and will only lead you to places that you are able to go. Sozo is not about exposing sin, rather it removes barriers that hinder your relationship with the Lord. Everything shared in your prayer time is up to you and kept completely confidential.

Will I have to keep coming back for Sozo sessions?

Generally, a follow-up appointment is not necessary. Your session will equip you with tools that can be used in your daily walk with the Lord.

If you feel like coming back, you are welcome to come again 6 months after your Sozo. This may happen when the freedom you gained in your first session leads you to wanting freedom in another area.

Who is the Sozo team accountable to?

The Sozo Team is accountable to the leaders of their home church, Alberta Sozo, and Sozo Canada.

Sozo Canada is accountable to the International Bethel Sozo Organization.

How can I be part of a Sozo Ministry team?

The first step is to take the Basic Sozo training. Check our events at Sozo Alberta to see when our next training session is.

You can also check Sozo Canada and Bethel Sozo sites for other opportunities.

Once you have the training, contact one of the existing Sozo Teams to let them know your interest in joining them.

How do I contact a Sozo team or make an appointment?

Go to the Teams page and the map to find a location near you. Each map pin has a link for the best way to contact that team and make an appointment with them.

Photo: Federico Respini