SunWest Sozo Application

We want to make sure you are matched with the right team members. Please fill out the form as much as possible. If you have questions or comments include them in the notes and we will address them when we set your appointment.

Sozo Application

Sozo sessions for males are run by male team members. Sozo sessions for females are run by female team members. If you have any concerns about this, please email our team leader

Type of Sozo:

We currently offer 3 Sozo options at SunWest. Details of each are found on our FAQ page.
To serve you best, please choose from the following:
Child Sozo: please also check Adult Sozo if the parent has not had one yet
Financial Sozo: please also check Adult Sozo if you have not had one yet.
*Financial Sozo discount is available for Biblical Finance students

Ask the Lord what He would like you to fast? i.e. one meal a day, social media, coffee, etc.

Statement of Understanding

I understand the staff of SunWest Christian Fellowship and those associated with them (i.e. volunteers) are not professional licensed counselors, therapists, medical, or psychological practitioners. I deem the persons leading these Sozo sessions to be “encouragers” in the Christian faith, who are helping me assume my responsibilities in finding freedom in Christ. I am also aware that my encourager may need to intervene if he or she suspects that a child (under the age of 18) or an elder (over the age of 65) is currently endangered by abuse or if I am a danger to myself or others. I understand that I am free to leave the Sozo ministry session at any time. I am attending the ministry session(s) voluntarily.

Acceptance of Statement of Understanding (required)

An official Statement of Understanding will be ready for you to sign at the start of your Sozo session